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America Movil Business Model Canvas

America Movii Business Model Canvas
Photo by Scott Elkins , Edited by Grey Knight

A Brief History of América Móvil

América Móvil is a Mexican telecommunications company headquartered in Mexico City. It was founded in 2000 by Carlos Slim, a prominent Mexican businessman and one of the wealthiest people in the world. The company quickly grew to become the leading wireless services provider in Latin America, operating under the brand names Telcel and Claro.

América Móvil expanded its operations through a series of strategic acquisitions, including the purchase of wireless companies in Brazil, Argentina, and other Latin American countries. The company also expanded into the United States, acquiring the wireless provider TracFone in 2020.

In addition to its wireless services, América Móvil has diversified its business to offer a range of telecommunications and digital services, including fixed-line telephone, broadband internet, and pay television.

Today, América Móvil is a major player in the telecommunications industry, with operations in over 20 countries across the Americas and Europe. The company continues to innovate and invest in new technologies to meet the growing demand for digital services in the region.

Who Owns América Móvil?

América Móvil is a Mexican telecommunications company that operates in 25 countries in the Americas and Europe. The company is publicly traded on the Mexican Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, and its largest shareholder is the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who is also the company’s founder and chairman. Slim owns a significant portion of the company’s shares and has a controlling interest in América Móvil. Other top shareholders include institutional investors such as BlackRock, Vanguard Group, and Wellington Management, as well as other individual and institutional investors from Mexico and around the world. The top 10 shareholders of América Móvil are:

1. Carlos Slim
2. BlackRock
3. Vanguard Group
4. Wellington Management
5. Dodge & Cox
6. Fidelity Investments
7. Invesco
8. Capital Group
9. State Street Corporation
10. T. Rowe Price Group

América Móvil Mission Statement

América Móvil’s mission is to provide innovative and affordable communication services to connect people and communities across Latin America. They are committed to delivering high-quality mobile, fixed-line, and broadband services that enhance the lives of their customers and contribute to the development of the region. Their goal is to continually adapt to the changing needs of the market and to leverage technology to improve connectivity and create opportunities for growth and development.

How América Móvil Makes Money?

América Móvil operates as a telecommunications company and has a diversified business model that allows it to generate revenue from a variety of sources. The company primarily makes money through the provision of mobile, fixed-line, and broadband services to consumers and businesses. América Móvil also generates revenue from the sale of mobile devices, as well as from advertising and content services. Additionally, the company earns income from interconnection and roaming fees charged to other telecommunications operators. Overall, América Móvil’s revenue stream is derived from the various services and products it offers in the telecommunications industry.

América Móvil Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool used to visually represent the key elements of a business model. It provides a structured way to analyze a company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify opportunities for growth and innovation. By breaking down the business model into nine key components, it helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand and communicate the core aspects of their business.

Customer Segments:

– América Móvil has a diverse range of customer segments, including individual consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises.
– The company serves customers across various demographics and geographic locations, offering telecommunications services tailored to the specific needs of each segment.

Value Propositions:

– América Móvil’s value propositions include high-quality telecommunications services, competitive pricing, and a wide range of product offerings.
– The company aims to provide seamless connectivity and superior customer experience, positioning itself as a leading provider in the telecommunications industry.


– América Móvil utilizes multiple channels to reach its customers, including retail stores, online platforms, and partnerships with other retailers.
– The company also leverages mobile and digital channels to deliver its services and interact with customers.

Customer Relationships:

– The company fosters customer relationships through personalized service, ongoing communication, and responsive support channels.
– América Móvil prioritizes customer retention and loyalty, seeking to create long-term relationships with its customers.

Revenue Streams:

– The main revenue stream for América Móvil comes from the sale of telecommunications services, including voice, data, and television offerings.
– The company also generates revenue through device sales, accessories, and other supplementary products.

Key Resources:

– Key resources for América Móvil include its network infrastructure, technological capabilities, workforce, and brand reputation.
– The company’s extensive network coverage and spectrum holdings are critical resources for delivering its services.

Key Activities:

– Critical activities for América Móvil include network maintenance and expansion, product development, marketing and sales efforts, and customer support services.
– The company continually invests in technological advancements and innovation to stay competitive in the telecommunications market.

Key Partners:

– América Móvil collaborates with various partners, including device manufacturers, content providers, and third-party retailers.
– The company also forms strategic partnerships with other telecommunications operators, enabling roaming agreements and interconnecting services.

Cost Structure:

– The primary costs for América Móvil include network infrastructure investments, employee salaries, marketing and advertising expenses, and operational costs.
– The company also incurs costs related to spectrum licenses, regulatory compliance, and customer acquisition.

América Móvil’s Competitors

América Móvil faces stiff competition in the telecommunications industry from a number of key players. Its main competitors include:

1. AT&T Inc.
2. Telefonica S.A.
3. Verizon Communications Inc.
4. T-Mobile US, Inc.
5. Bell Canada Enterprises

América Móvil SWOT Analysis


1. Leading telecommunications company in Latin America.
2. Strong market presence and brand recognition.
3. Diversified product and service portfolio.
4. Extensive network infrastructure and technology capabilities.


1. Exposure to currency exchange rate fluctuations.
2. Limited presence in certain international markets.
3. Regulatory and legal challenges in some operating regions.
4. High debt levels and financial leverage.


1. Expansion into emerging markets and rural areas.
2. Growing demand for mobile data and digital services.
3. Strategic partnerships and acquisitions in the industry.
4. Increasing demand for internet connectivity and digital solutions.


1. Intense competition from global and local telecom providers.
2. Economic and political instability in operating regions.
3. Rapid technological changes and obsolescence.
4. Regulatory changes impacting pricing and operations.

Concluding Analysis

In summary, América Móvil has established itself as a major player in the telecommunications industry, with a strong focus on expanding its reach and improving its services. The company’s diversified business model and strong financial performance have positioned it well for future growth and success. As an analyst, I am optimistic about the future of América Móvil. With its solid track record and ongoing commitment to innovation, I believe the company has the potential to continue thriving in the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape. I look forward to seeing how América Móvil continues to adapt and innovate in the years to come.

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