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A List of 1000 Venture Capital Firms & Investors with LinkedIn Profiles

Top 1000 Venture Capital Firms & Investors with LinkedIn Profiles
Photo by Kent Pilcher | Unsplash

What is a Venture Capital Firm?

Venture capital is a type of private equity financing that is provided to startups and small businesses. It is usually provided by VC firms, which are managed by professional investors who have a keen eye for spotting promising startups with high-growth potential. VCs invest in startups in exchange for equity, which means they own a portion of the company.

Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture capital, where companies receive funding to get their businesses off the ground.

Series A funding is for companies that have established a product and a market fit and are gaining traction.

Series B funding is for companies that are generating revenue in select markets and are looking to expand operations.

Series C and beyond are for companies that have grown and are operating on a global scale, and may be ready for an IPO or to be acquired by another company.

Venture capital is a high-risk, high-reward game. Investors must be willing to take a chance on innovative ideas that may or may not succeed. However, the potential for high returns is attractive, especially in the tech industry, where startups can scale quickly and generate significant revenue.

A List of 1000 Venture Capital Firms & Investors in 2024

The following is a list of Venture Capital firms and Investors in 2024:

No.InvestorFirmWebsiteLinkedIn Profile
1Satya PatelHomebrew
2Shruti GandhiArray Ventures
3Garry TanInitialized Capital
4Hunter WalkHomebrew
5Charles HudsonPrecursor Ventures
6Roger DickeyMade Renovation
7Jason CalacanisAngel Investor
8David MortPropel Venture Partners
9Gyan KapurSurface Ventures
10Aileen LeeCowboy Ventureshttps://cowboy.vc
11Morgan BellerNFX
12Leo PolovetsSusa Ventures
13Eva HoFika Ventures
14Kevin LeeNew Food CPG Co.
15Adam DraperBoost VC Accelerator
16Stonly Baptiste BlueThird Sphere
17Michael MaCreatorDAO
18Carl FritjofssonCreandum
19David Waxmanmost comfortable among nerds
20Sergey GribovFlint Capital
21David StarkGround Up Ventures
22Wayne HuSignalFire
23Lauren KolodnyAcrew Capital
24Eric ChenOVO Fund
25Brad HoldenTomorrowVentures
26Brianne KimmelWorklife Ventures
27Samantha Smith-EppsteinerInnovation Endeavors
28Jacob SheaStructure Capital
29Marvin LiaoGAMEGROOVE Capital
30Brandon MaierLvlUp Ventures
31Brett JacksonVC
32Ryan MerketHistory of Exceptional Angel Investments
33Erik TorenbergVillage Global
34Ryan SarverRedpoint Venture
35Ullas NaikStreamlined Ventures
36Ali HamedCrossbeam Venture Partners
37Brian PokornySV Angel
38Sunny DhillonSignia Venture Partners
39Harry Stebbings20VC
40Frederik GroceBLCK VC
41Patrick LorPanache Ventures
42Paul BricaultAmplify
43Kanyi MaqubelaKindred Ventures
44Firat IleriHummingbird Ventures
45Brad FeldFoundry Group
46Mitchell KaporKapor Capital
47Ameet ShahGolden Ventures
48Clancey StahrGoAhead Ventures
49Bilal ZuberiLux Capital
50James ChamBloomberg BETA
51Mark SugarmanMHS Capital
52Saul KleinLocalGlobe
53John LillyGreylock Partners
54Itamar NovickRecursive Ventures
55Ryan WalshAndreessen Horowitz
56Ben BlumenroseDesigner Fund
57Ben LevyBootstrapLabs
58Brian DixonKapor Capital
59David LeeSamsung NEXT Ventures
60Nikhil KalghatgiCoVenture
61Howard LindzonSocial Leverage
62Jacob ColkerAllen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Incubator (AI2)
63Shawn MeraniParade Ventures
64Zaw ThetSignia Venture Partners
65Eamonn CareyZeroth
66Jason ShumanPrimary Venture Partners
67Angela TranVersion One Ventures
68David CohenTechstars
69Michael CarneyEvoke Advisors
70Tim YoungEniac Ventures
71Aaref HilalyBain Capital Ventures
72Jesse MiddletonFlybridge Capital Partners
73Matt HuangParadigm
74Alex RubalcavaStage Venture Partners
75Raj KapoorClimactic
76Daniel DarlingDarling Ventures
77Mark AccomandoHeartland Ventures
78Sid KrommenhoekJacob Shea
79Alex GurevichJavelin Venture Partners
80Gokul RajaramDoorDash Executive and Caviar Lead
81Eze VidraRemagine Ventures
82Ted WangCowboy Ventures
83Mike MaplesFloodgate
84Jillian ManusStructure Capital
85Chon TangBerkeley Skydeck Fund
86Donald StalterGlobal Founders Capital
87Alex LuceJacob Shea
88Dror BermanInnovation Endeavors
89Sheel TyleAmplo
90Elizabeth GalbutJacob Shea
91Justin WaldronAngel
92Zachary AaronsMetaProp.vc
93Renaud VisagePoint Nine Capital
94Richard DuludeUnderscore VC
95Pierre-Eric LeiboviciJacob Shea
96Jennifer CarolanReach Capital
97Adam BesvinickLooking Glass Capital
98Ryan FloydStorm Ventures
99Tx ZhuoFika Ventures
100Esteban SosnikJacob Shea
101Stefano BernardiAtomico
102Jeff BonforteCatapult Capital
103Dan RavehJacob Shea
104Calvin ChinE14 Fund
105Todd KimmelMontage Ventures
106McKeever “Mac” ConwellRareBreed Ventures
107Omri Amirav DroryNFX
108Janelle GoulardPangaea Ventures
109Chris ArsenaultiNovia Capital
110Kim-Mai CutlerInitialized Capital
111David DufresnePanache Ventures
112Brad SvrlugaPrimary Venture Partners
113Rob KniazHoxton Ventures
114Sylvain CarleInnovobot
115Cyan BanisterLong Journey Ventures
116Monique WoodardCake Ventures
117Andy WeissmanUnion Square Ventures
118Amrit SaxenaSaxena Capital
119Jett FeinHeadline (formerly e.ventures
120Aaron Holiday645 Ventures
121Marlon NicholsMaC Venture Capital
122Enis Hulli500 Startups
123Nico BerardiANIMO Ventures
124Benjamin SunPrimary Venture Partners
125Eurie KimForerunner Ventures
126Katelyn DonnellyAvalanche VC
127Shamin WalshBAM Ventures
128Andreas KlingerRemote First Capital
129Grace ChouMaveron
130Rodolphe MenegauxAlven
131Sergio MarreroRebel One Ventures
132Aydin SenkutFelicis Ventures
133Allen TaylorEndeavor Catalyst
134Karin KleinBloomberg Beta
135Omar El-AyatCrosslink Capital
136Tipatat ChennavasinThe Venture Reality Fund
137Henry McNamaraGreat Oaks Venture Capital
138Adi VagmanAgrination VC
139Kenneth BalleneggerOyster Ventures
140Eliot DurbinBoldstart Ventures
141Dayna GraysonConstruct Capital
142Oscar RamosSOSV
143Wayee ChuReach Capital
144Jerry YangHardware Club
145Rebecca WoodcockYamaha Motor Ventures
146Lorenzo ThioneGaingels
147Vignesh RavikumarSierra Ventures
148Jonathan WallaceExpert Dojo
149David FogelAlma Angels
150Maia BittnerAngel
151Marcel van der HeijdenSpeedinvest
152Alexander NormanN49P Ventures
153Hanan BrandCornerstone Venture
154Tobias BauerBlockchain Founders Fund
155Celestine (Johnson) SchnuggBoom Capital
156Eduardo Ronzano#SecretFund
157Sean JacobsohnNorwest Venture Partners
158Jonathan EbingerBlueRun Ventures
159Barney PellRadical Ventures
160Amy CovenyQuake Capital
161Paul WillardSubtraction Capital
162Manny FernandezDreamFunded.com
163AJ SolimineScript Capital
164Blake KoriathHigh Alpha
165Yaniv Golanlool ventures
166David ArcaraLaconia Capital Group
167Khailee Ng500 Global
168Bobak EmamianDebut Capital
169David HirschCompound VC
170Philipp StaufferFyrefly VC
171Sergio A. EscobarBCF Ventures
172Mark GorenbergZetta Venture Partners
173Luigi CongedoBootstrapLabs
174Arielle ZuckerbergLong Journey Ventures
175Arjan SchütteCore Innnovation Capital
176Jeremy LevineBessemer Venture Partners
177Phil BradyGoAhead Ventures
178Alex Iskold2048 Ventures
179Sarah KunstCleo Capital
180Samir KajiFirst Republic Bank
181David BlumbergBlumberg Capital
182Danielle Strachman1517 Fund
183Sarah SmithSarah Smith Fund
184Nicole QuinnLightspeed Venture Partners
185Ben Hasslerolymath Capital Partners
186David AronoffFlybridge Capital Partners
187Tim GuleriSierra Ventures
188Will BunkerGrowth X
189Alex ChangUnderdog Labs
190Hans TungGGV Capital
191Ellen LevySilicon Valley Connect
192Brian FeinsteinBessemer Venture Partners
193Kendrick Geluz KhoGlobal Founders Capital
194Jason FiedlerLeft Lane Capital
195Joe BondPROfounders Capital
196T.A. McCannPioneer Square Labs
197Ihar MahaniokGeek Ventures
198Jeff MatersNetwork Ventures
199Daniel RumennikAirAngels
200barak rabinowitzF2 Venture Capital
201Ludwig SchulzeAlumni Ventures Group
202Nick AdamsAME Cloud Ventures
203Jonathan EhrlichFoundation Capital
204Rahul VohraTodd and Rahul’s Angel Fund
205Tejinder GillCollaborative Fund
206Alexia BonatsosDream Machine
207Vasu KulkarniCourtside Ventures
208Gary BenittSocial Leverage
209Gil DibnerAngular Ventures
210Andrew BeebeObvious Ventures
211Yash HemarajBenhamou Global Ventures
212Charlie SonghurstAcequia Capital
213Fred WilsonUnion Square Ventures
214Adrian LloydEpisode 1 Ventures
215Tyler WillisPatreon, Lattice, Lambda School, Mainstreet, On Deck, Clubhouse
216David CitronGlobal Founders Capital
217Liron RoseRose Innovation Ltd
218David WuMaveron
219Jeremy ConradLemnos Labs
220Trae VassalloApple
221Yida GaoShima Capital
222Mehdi MaghsoodniaCombustion Ventures
223Ben LeeCircleUp Growth Partners
224Kara WeberThe Community Fund
225Martin GedalinLumia Capital
226Jason GreenEmergence Capital
227Eyal GuraWebtalk Ltd
228Angel GarciaLanta Digital Ventures
229Tak MiyataScrum Ventures
230Michael DearingHarrison Metal
231Charles SeelyHoxton Ventures
232Hayley BarnaFirst Round Capital
233Adam ValkinGeneral Catalyst
234Tamim AbdulOCA Ventures
235Dylan ItzikowitzExpa
236Yohei NakajimaUntapped Capital
237Andrew AckermanDreamit Ventures
238April UnderwoodHashtag Angels (#ANGELS)
239Paul VeradittakitPantera Capital
240Ori InbarSuper Ventures
241Reid HoffmanGreylock
242Darcy HoweKCRise Fund
243Rina Onur Sirinoglu500 Global
244Anna PalmerFlybridge Capital Partners
245Rick ZulloEqual Ventures
246Tomasz TunguzVenture Capitalist
247Greg BeaufaitDundee VC
248Ben NarasinNew Enterprise Associates (NEA)
249Colin BeirneTwo Sigma Ventures
250Varsha RaoNurx
251Kirby WinfieldAscend Ventures
252Aviad ArielVertex Ventures
253Gita ReinitzNFX
254Guillaume CabaneSequoia Capital
255Zak SchwarzmanMetaProp Ventures
256Ela MadejFifty Years
257Noramay CadenaSupply Change Capital
258Alejandro PonceAtaria Ventures
259Amos Ben-MeirSand Hill Angels
260John MayfieldAlbum VC
261Tomas PuigTest Kitchen Capital
262Nurzhas MakishevNKM Capital
263Sandhya VenkatachalamKhosla Ventures
264Matt AbramsAtypical Ventures
265Roseanne WincekRenegade Partners
266Jon StaenbergStaenberg Venture Partners
267Barath Shankar SubramanianAccel
268Packy McCormickNot Boring Capital
269Lisa WuNorwest Venture Partners
270Vishal VasishthObvious Ventures
271Dave LuHyphen Capital
272Brad ZappConnetic Ventures
273Eddie ThaiAscend Vietnam Ventures
274Stan ChudnovskyNFX
275Niko BonatsosGeneral Catalyst
276Ash EganArchetype
277Yun-Fang JuanBrighter Capita
278Ronjon NagR42 Group
279Robert SiegelPiva Capital
280Amit MukherjeeNew Enterprise Associates (NEA)
281Rick HeitzmannFirstMark Capital
282Samuel Ventures
283Bobby GoodlatteAngel
284Steve JangExpa
285Kerry RuppTrue Wealth Ventures
286Frederic CourtFelix Capital
287Alex SwiecaQB1 Ventures
288Jules ChaslesGlobal Ventures
289Sergei BalakirevXploration Capital
290Ariel NaorMacaby Ventures Fund
291Andrew PadillaAlumni Ventures Group
292Britt DannemanAlpha Edison
293Loren StraubBowery Capital
294Yoav KnollMizMaa Ventures
295Wally WangScale Asia Ventures
296Jason M. CronenGarden District Ventures
297Maarten GoossensAnterra Capital
298Bear SchickelEVE Atlas
299Taylor OliverTenacity Venture Capital
300Soraya DarabiTMV
301Mayank ShiromaniMUFG Innovation Partners
302Ben StevenMomenta Ventures
303Natalie VaisAmplify Partners
304John OunjianFurther Ventures
305Jacqueline HeardAnterra Capital
306Faisal Al HammadiFurther Ventures
307jose d lopezDevLabs
308Aneel LakhaniCrane Venture Partners
309Matt BrownMatrix Partners
310Mike ZimmermanMain Sequence Ventures
311Tim BabcockAmplify Partners
312Luigi Di PiazzaXRC Labs
313David Murray-HundleyPario Ventures
314Siddharth ShahMalpani Ventures
315Maia BensonForum Ventures
316Gary BenerofeMu Ventures
317Michael BaschAtento Capital
318Ryan Jefferygener8tor
319Debjit MukerjiNext47
320Daniel KirchleitnerNext47
321Ching-Yu HuNext47
322Charlie Green24Haymarket
323Caroline BrownClosed Loop Partners
324Brian Waswani OdhiamboNovastar Ventures
325Andrew CarruthersNovastar Ventures
326Chinmay VaidyaFoundamental
327Hannah LeachHoughton Street Venture
328Viet LeLa Famiglia
329Julieta MoradeiHometeam Ventures
330Victoria SunPlayground Global
331Sena ZorluKubera Venture Capital
332Chris NeumannPanache Ventures
333Ignacio MirandaPlug & Play Ventures
334Stephanie RichBread and Butter Ventures
335Robert LacherLa Famiglia
336Paul Tselentis24Haymarket
337Niraj VariaNovastar Ventures
338Neil CapelBowery Capital
339Nate RedmondAlpha Edison
340Martin AaresClosed Loop Partners
341Lak AnanthNext47
342Kirthiga ReddyF7 Ventures
343Kevin ZhangBain Capital Ventures
344Judith DadaLa Famiglia
345John KimAMASIA
346Jason SydowNext47
347Jason SchoettlerCalibrate Ventures
348Jamie Dunnett24Haymarket
349James MurphyForum Ventures
350James Campin24Haymarket
351Abayomi AwobokunOrbit54
352Chelsea GoddardSpace Capital
353Lukas HoffFuse Venture Partners
354Jim KimBuilders VC
355Dipam PatelFuse Venture Partners
356Ashley HartmanBluestein Ventures
357Terrance OrrNextGen Venture Partners
358Aly BryanClosed Loop Partners
359Jason TurnerScout
360Shehryar HydriDeosai Ventures
361Duncan MooreFifth Wall
362Matt GoodSavano Capital Partners
363Eliot PenceTofino Capital
364Steve HorowitzAlpha Edison
365Steve BeckNovastar Ventures
366Ron GonenClosed Loop Partners
367Andrew McColmClosed Loop Partners
368Andrew CalabreseAnterra Capital
369Alexandros BottenbruchLa Famiglia
370Alexandr KurilinAMASIA
371Alexandra Brown24Haymarket
372Akshay SubramanianFurther Ventures
373Afua A.Orbit54
374Brett WongAnterra Capital
375Brett ChevalierAnterra Capital
376Brandon LevineComposite Ventures
377Boaz SchweigerClosed Loop Partners
378Bersabel TadesseBowery Capital
379Bela JankovichAnterra Capital
380Aviel IchaiNext47
381Andrew PlantAnterra Capital
382Daryl SchleppNext47
383Daniel AlmonBaird Capital
384Crystal (Ruohong) L.Collide Capital
385Ido SumTLcom Capital
386Hamet WattShare Ventures
387Geoff RalstonY Combinator
388Jonathan BeckerHeadline (formerly
389Brian LeeBam Ventures
390Zach FerresCoplex
391Andrej KiskaCredo Ventures
392Anand ChandrasekaranGeneral Catalyst
393Kevin ThauSpark Capital
394Antoine NussenbaumFelix Capital
395Prashant FonsekaTuesday Capital
396Kent BennettBessemer Venture Partners
397Jeff CroweNorwest Venture Partners
398Dustin RosenWonder Ventures
399Duncan DavidsonBullpen Capital
400Dan Von KohornBroom Ventures
401Andrew BostonFounders Circle Capital
402Terrence RohanOthrewise Fund
403Nihal MehtaEniac Ventures
404Anu DuggalFemale Founders Fund
405Carle StenmarkVMG Partners
406Daniel ChalfonAstella Investimentos
407Shervin PishevarExpa
408Heidi RoizenThreshold Ventures
409Bill GurleyBenchmark
410Suresh MadhuvarsuP10x Ventures
411Walter KortschakSummit Partners
412Ran AchituvEntree Capital
413Sumit GuptaPiazza Venture Labs
414Danielle JosephClosed Loop Partners
415Yaron KniajerSurround Ventures
416Jonathan LewyInvesto
417Ira WeissHyde Park Venture Partners
418Simon RothmanGreylock Partners
419Julie MaplesFyrfly Venture Partners
420Mohammed AlmeshekahOutliers Venture Capital
421Eynat GuezPapaya Global | NFX Scout
422Asad KhaliqAcrew Capital
423Bernardt VogelVU Venture Partners
424Vishal LuganiAcrew Capital
425Graham BrownLerer Hippeau
426Tal BarnoachDisruptive Technologies Venture Capital
427Phil BlackTrue Ventures
428Nimi KatragaddaBoxGroup
429Miriam RiveraUlu Ventures
430Marcus DanielsHigh Line Venture Partners
431Kobie FullerUpfront Ventures
432Steve BennetBodega Partners
433Mark FernandesSierra Ventures
434Robin ChanGoat Capital
435Kulika WeizmanCreative Ventures
436James WangCreative Ventures
437Michael BrownBattery Ventures
438David PaulDWP Capital
439Cristina CordovaFirst Round Capital
440Billy DraperPath Ventures
441Adam StruckStruck Capital
442Hootan RashidifardCanaan Partners
443Matthew MulveyLiquid 2 Ventures
444Matt EggersBreakthrough Energy Ventures
445Kanu GulatiKhosla Ventures
446Dan ScheinmanScheinman Angel Fund
447Adeyemi AjaoBase10 Partners
448Timothy DickStartup Capital Ventures
449James SlavetGreylock
450James HardimanDCVC (Data Collective)
451Yeor AsorAsor capital
452Raymond TonsingCaffeinated Capital
453Maurice WerdegarWestern Technology Investment
454Lee FixelAddition
455Jeremy FianceThe House Fund
456Guy GamzuCubit Investments Ltd
457Ben YuSierra Ventures
458Jewel BurksCollab Capital
459Inon AxelCyrus Angel Fund
460Hiro Rio MaedaDNX Ventures
461Paul MurphyLightspeed Venture Partners
462Sonja PerkinsThe Perkins Fund
463Steve BrownlieLeadout Capital
464Philip O’ConnorBlackhorn Ventures
465David CarricoJlabs
466Ronny ConwayA.Capital
467Jason PortnoySubtraction Capital
468Darian ShiraziGradient Venture
469Sim BlausteinBertelsmann Digital Media Investments
470Herbert MangesiusVsquared Ventures
471Devdutt YellurkarPropeller VC
472Sigalit PerelsonSequoia Capital
473Stephen ChouTransLink Capital
474Mayfield FundMayfield Fund
475Peter LiuRevelry Venture Partners
476Niki PezeshkiFelicis Ventures
477Eric ChinCrosslink Capital
478Ankur JainKairos
479Aniq RahmanVast Ventures
480Richard JunBam Ventures
481Peter LeeBaroda Ventures
482Michael NerilSpider Capital
483Katherine BoyleAndreessen Horowitz
484Jonathan StruhlIndicator Ventures
485Trevor KienzleCorrelation Ventures
486Tabreez VerjeeUprising
487Mahedi Hasan OmiSBK Tech Ventures
488ismail SincikIstech Energy Ventures
489Jason SpievakEntrada Ventures
490Jason WarnerRedpoint Ventures
491Peter RojasBetaworks Ventures
492Brock PierceBlockchain Capital
493Barry SilbertDigital Currency Group
494Arale Cohen2B Angels
495Chloe SladdenHashtag Angels (#ANGELS)
496David MountG2VP
497Asheem ChandnaGreylock
498Felix Haas10x Group
499Matthias TurckFirstMark
500John MalloyBlueRun Ventures
501Howard MorganB Capital Group
502Greg GretschJackson Square Ventures
503Denis BarrierCathay Innovation
504Michael SkokUnderscore VC
505Mario CostantiniNEVA SGR
506Adam R. FisherBessemer Venture Partners
507Sapna ShahNovastar Ventures
508Michael (ByungSun) HwangBigbang Angels,
509Ryan DarnellMax Ventures
510Adam GoldbergLightspeed Venture Partners
511Neil MehtaGreenoaks Capital Partners
512Tina ChongU.S. Department Of Defense
513Amit BansalDigitalis Ventures
514Rafi SyedBow Capital
515Stephan GoupilleData Tech Fund
516Jake Medwell8VC
517Gordon RitterEmergence Capita
518Buddy ArnheimLobby Capital
519Bruno RaillardFrst
520Andrew BoszhardtGreat Oaks Venture Capital
521Mark BaileyDFJ
522Kane HsiehRoot Ventures
523John SpinaleJAZZ Venture Partners
524John LockeAccel
525Jim SmithMohr Davidow Ventures
526Jeffrey ReitmanNyca Partners
527Jeff CantalupoListen
528Santiago Roel SantosParaFi Capital
529Ben ConstantyThe Blox
530Sameer GandhiAccel
531Rudina SeseriGlasswing Ventures
532Phil WickhamSozo Ventures
533Peter SonsiniNew Enterprise Associates (NEA)
534Niklas ZennströmAtomico
535dan levitanMaveron LLC
536Merav WeinrybQualcomm Ventures
537John EstalillaSfventures Group LLC
538Sid TrivediFoundation Capital
539Kai GradertAngelList Syndicator
540Mark GoldbergIndex Ventures
541Andy TangDraper Associates
542Jesse DraperHalogen Ventures
543Frank RotmanQED Investors
544Santosh SankarDynamo Ventures
545Kate Seledets500 Startups
546Andres BarretoTechstars
547Jonathan EllisSandalphon Capital
548Shawn XuLowercarbon Capital
549Santo PolitiSpark Capital
550Prattyush ShobhaneThynk Ventures
551Nasir QadreeZeal Capital Partners
552Andrea FunstenBasecamp Fund
554Pen King JrKain Capital
555Carey RansomOperate
556Hagi SchwartzInsight Partners
557Fausto Boni360 Capital Partners
558Dovey WanDanhua Capital
559Bubba MurarkaDFJ
560Benoist GrossmannIDInvest Partners
561Andy LernerIA Capital Group
562Adam NashDaffy
563Mohanjit JollyDFJ
564Mike KernsTCG
565Julio VasconcellosGraph Ventures
566Johanna PosadaElevar Equity
567Joe ApprendiRevel Partners
568Jai DasSapphire Ventures
569Heidi PatelRethink Impact
570Hans SwildensIndustry Ventures
571Robin MurrayAdams Street Partners
572Cristina BenitezSG Ventures – Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits CVC
573Cody AndersonNext47
574Cathrin StickneyZetta Venture Partners
575Bruce Anderson24Haymarket
576Bridget CrokeClosed Loop Partners
577Imraan MoollaAntler
578Ian Gray24Haymarket
579Hugo Melvin24Haymarket
580Harry MorrisAlpha Edison
581Greg MoserInterlock Capital
582Hannah FriedmanClosed Loop Partners
583Glaudston LoureiroAhead Ventures
584Gert WriggeNext47
585Gabe HawkesBowery Capital
586Fiona Dent24Haymarket
587Fen ZhaoAlpha Edison
588Evan GanzBowery Capital
589Esther Delignat-Lavaud RodríguezLa Famiglia
590Dominic MichelNovastar Ventures
591David ScrimNew Stack Ventures
592Julie JungAMASIA
593Julia VinerClosed Loop Partners
594Juergen HornAnterra Capital
595John NanceGaia Global Ventures
596John BrubakerAnterra Capital
597Joe WagnerBeacon Angels
598Joao LopesAhead Ventures
599Joanna ArrasBaird Capital
600Jim Strang24Haymarket
601Jessica LongClosed Loop Partners
602Jean-Lou Rihon24Haymarket
603Jean-Baptiste RugieroAMASIA
604Jason KomosaNew Stack Ventures
605Jamie Waller24Haymarket
606James HuBowery Capital
607James AlcornZetta Venture Partners
608Matthias RothNext47
609Matthew LarkinClosed Loop Partners
610Mathews NdubiNovastar Ventures
611Maria Beatriz Douat DietrichAhead Ventures
612Marc Renmel AbivaFurther Ventures
613Marcos Martinez-VillalbaRevel Partners
614Mana AynechiF7 Ventures
615Maite Quinn- RichardsClosed Loop Partners
616Lynn BernabeiClosed Loop Partners
617Liam Shannon01 Ventures
618Laíra BritoAhead Ventures
619Kent LoiAMASIA
620Ken SauerAMASIA
621Kelci ZileMadrona Venture Labs
622Kate DalyClosed Loop Partners
623Karine Khatcherian-PisantClosed Loop Partners
624Reda AwadLa Famiglia
625Rangoli BhattacharjeeF7 Ventures
626Randolph SeidlerAnterra Capital
627Philipp HandelLa Famiglia
628Paulina WestermannLa Famiglia
629Paula HübnerLa Famiglia
630Oluwatoyin Emmanuel-OlubakeNovastar Ventures
631Olivia HipkinsGaia Global Ventures
632Nicole ZhouBowery Capital
633Mohammed Bashkeel AlkhazrajiFurther Ventures
634Michelle HavenAnterra Capital
635Michal NatoraEmerald Technology Ventureshttps://emerald-ventures.com
636Michael WidmannAnterra Capital
637Michael GajewskiClosed Loop Partners
638Michael De HaasAngel
639Matt SchweickertComposite Ventures
640Simon HarfordNovastar Ventures
641Simba DeuLa Famiglia
642Shu-Yi YeoAMASIA
643Shashank SaxenaBowery Capital
644Sandro ValeriAhead Ventures
645Samuel KanuNovastar Ventures
646Samuel BeyerLa Famiglia
647Ryan MacDonellBeacon Angels
648Rowland PettitKdT Ventures
649Ron Wilder FrickeGaia Global Ventures
650Rob OspalikBaird Capital
651Robert SchultVMG Partners
652Robert (Bob) MilliganClosed Loop Partners
653Richard James24Haymarket
654Rep WorochBowery Capital
655René Paula MolinaClosed Loop Partners
656Toke Soyebo, C.Novastar Ventures
657Tirso Martin SanchezLa Famiglia
658Tim Murfet24Haymarket
659Thaxter SharpZetta Venture Partners
660Tazia SmithClosed Loop Partners
661Stuart WallBowery Capital
662Srinidhi RaoNext47
663Natalie SomekhActivumSG
664Ivo RonnerRonner Ventures Ltd
665Zoe Morgan24Haymarket
666Yoran MeijersAnterra Capital
667Willemijn VerloopAnterra Capital
668Tomy HanVolition Capital
669Joshua SchwiesowBascom Ventures
670Jason StarrConsumer Ventures
671Erik RosenTrue Global Ventures
672Mikkey ClarkeArdent Venture Partners
673Ravi MohanShasta Ventures
674Ramy Adeeb1984 Ventures
675Patrick GallagherTuesday Capital
676Mounia RkhaISAI
677John DougeryInventus Capital Partners
678Gil Ben-ArtzyUpWest
679Alfred LinSequoia Capital
680Rishi GarMayfield
681David HornikLobby Capital
682Jason MendelsonFoundry Group
683Joshua PosamentierCongruent Ventures
684Semil ShahHaystack
685Yossi Hasson2048 Ventures
686David ShenLaunch Capital
687Mo KoyfmanShine Capital
688John RichardsStartup Ignition Ventures
689Federico CarrascoGraypes GmbH
690Jack GrecoAngle
691Doug PepperICONIQ Capital
692Mick LiubinskasClimate Tech Fan – Australia to the world
693Mar HershensonPear VC
694Adam NelsonFirstMark Capital
695David RodriguezDraft Ventures
696Ankit JainInfinitus Systems, Inc
697Jon NordmarkeBags.com
698Amit KumarAccel
699Josh FelserClimactic
700Richard BoyleCanaan Partners
701Hiten ShahFYI (
702Naval RavikantAngelList
703Alex TaussigLightspeed Venture Partners
704Roy BahatBloomberg BETA
705Philippe SuchetPS Investments
706Mark SusterUpfront Ventures
707Edith YeungRace Capital
708Aaron BatalionBatalion Capital
709Phin BarnesThe General Partnership
710Kirsten HorningRepublic Deal Room
711Frederique DameGV
712Benedikt KörlingGlobal Founders Capital
713Adam ZoblerFoundamental
714William HsuMucker Capital
715Lior ProsorHanaco Ventures
716Genevieve GilbreathSpringdale Ventures
717Andy JohnsUnusual Ventures
718TJ MahonyVinyl Capital
719Jonathan RooseveltIndustry Ventures
720Russell FradinAngel
721Tim KoppHyde Park Venture Partners
722John StokesReal Ventures
723Matt MirelesGuerrilla Capital
724Thomas CuvelierAlven
725John RedgraveRedgrave Capital
726Caterina FakeYes VC
727Howard HartenbaumLobby Capital
728Jeff SilversteinAndreessen Horowitz
729Garrett SmallwoodAngel
730Yaniv SternRed Dot Capital Partners
731Paul MartinoBullpen Capital
732Ellie WheelerGreycroft
733Ann BordetskyNew Enterprise Associates (NEA)
734Dave MorinOffline Ventures
735Scott NolanFounders Fund
736Joshua BaerCapital Factory
737Howie DiamondAlpha Bridge Ventures
738Jeremy PhilipsSpark Capital
739Sara Thomas DeshpandeMaven Ventures
740Aditya AgarwalSouth Park Commons
741Thomson NguyenAngel
742Carlos NasilloInnogy Ventures
743Kevin ColleranSlow Ventures
744Jillian WilliamsCowboy Ventures
745Ravi BelaniAlchemist Accelerator
746Ilya KirnosSignalFire
747Craig CummingsMoonshots Capital
748Anna MasonIngeborg Investments
749Manu KumarK9 Ventures
750Michael SidlerRedalpine Venture Partners
751Luis ValdichCiti Ventures
752Spencer LazarGeneral Catalyst
753Steve BrotmanAlpha Venture Partners
754Dan CiporinCompany at HomePlate Acquisition Corporation
755Minnie IngersollTenOneTen Ventures
756Abhinav GuptaThirdbase Capital
757Roger LeeBattery Ventures
758Ash FontanaZetta Venture Partners
759Erica BresciaRedpoint Ventures
760Eric PakravanTenOneTen Ventures
761Charlotte RossInspired Capital
762Chris MooreRedpoint Ventures
763Aditi MaliwalUpfront Ventures
764Matt OckoDCVC
765Aakash TulsaniB Capital Group
766Aakash MoondhraPayU
767Aakash JainVU Venture Partners
768Aagam VakilSoma Capital
769Aaditya SoodSequoia Capital India
770Aadit ParikhSony Innovation Fund
771Aadil MamujeeMusha Ventures
772Aabed MeerQuesta Capital
773Aaleen AnjumTwo Small Fish Ventures
774Aanand RadiaUniversity Ventures
775Aare TammemäeRedgate Capital AS
776Aaron AndersonImpact VC
777Aaron ApplbaumMizMaa Ventures
778Aaron ContorerGreatscale Ventures
779Aaron BastGraphite Ventures
780Aaron IsraelFuture Energy Ventures
781Aaron IshikawaAero X Ventures
782Aaron HurstSocial Impact Capital
783Aaron HendersonMidnight Venture Partners
784Aaron GoldmanGeneral Atlantic
785Aaron G.L. FletcherBios Partners
786Aaron Gillum50 South Capital
787Aaron FisherBroadOak Capital Partners
788Aaron FarrAgya Ventures
789Aaron EpsteinY Combinator
790Aaron PermanS3 Ventures
791Aaron NewmanBrighton Park Capital
792Aaron NelsondRx Capital
793Aaron NeilBattery Ventures
794Aaron Michel1984 Ventures
795Aaron MankovskiPitango Venture Capital
796Aaron Kern6th Man Ventures
797Aaron JacobsonAlexandria Venture Investments
798Aaron RuReal Estate Tech Investor
799Aaron RoystonvenBio Partners
800Aaron RosensonAleph
801Aaron RezaeiArchangel Network of Funds
802Aaron RaubAmbria Capital
803Aaron RankinSprout Social, Inc
804Aaron TylerTriplePoint Capital
805AARON TONEYSGood Company
806Aaron TayAuspac Investment Management
807Aaron TainterInnovation Works
808Aaron StachelFirstMile Ventures
809Aaron SistoFirst Spark Ventures
810Aaron SimsCapitalize VC
811Aaron SchildkroutAddition
812Aaron SamuelsCollide Capital
813Abadesi OsunsadeAda Ventures
814Aayush PatelSilicon Ventures
815Aatif AwanIndus Valley Capital
816Aashay SanghviHaystack
817Aarushi ParikhTekfen Ventures
818Aarti KapoorVentac Partners
819Aarti BorkarOperator Collective
820Aaron ZuckerSapir Ventures
821Aaron YangAV8 Ventures
822Aaron WolkoSweater Ventures
823Aaron WilsonEONXI
824Aaron WebsterCameron Ventures
825Aaron VaccaroWestRiver Group
826Abdul AbdirahmanF-Prime Capital Partners
827AbdelRahman MansourEgypt Ventures
828Abdel AliRelay Ventures
829Abdallah YafiBY Venture Partners
830Abby ScarboroughAda Ventures
831Abby Miller LevyPrimetime Partners
832Abby LyallTribeca Venture Partners
833Abby Hunter-SyedLDV Capital
834Abby HsuInfinity Ventures Crypto (IVC)
835Abby ChaffattFuture Africa
836Abbie WangInvestment Analyst at
837Abbie CelnikerThird Rock Ventures
838Abakar SaidovBeamery
839Abdul LyInitialized Capital
840Abdulla KanooAlpha Sigma Capital
841Abdullah KhalidFramework Venture Partners
842Abdullah Al-ShaksyPhaze Ventures
843Abdullah AlbesherSaudi Aramco Energy Ventures
844Abdulaziz Al DayelGlobal Ventures
845Abdul AfridiKeen Venture Partners
846Abel BezaresCometa
847Abelanito Oliveira JuniorG2 Capital
848Abe J CohenCentre Street Partners
849Abe FinkelsteinVintage Investment Partners
850Abdul Qadir Abdul Rahman BuhariBharat Innovation Fund
851Abhinav SonkarAudacity Venture Capital
852Abhinav AsthanaPostman
853Abhi NarangVentureSouth
854Abhijit SolankiWhiteboard Venture Partners
855Abhijay ThackerPicus Capital
856Abhi ArunachalamAlkeon Capital
857Abhi AnuketMagnivia Ventures
858Abe YokellCongruent Ventures
859Abe RoderInterlock Capital
860Abe MurrayAlley Robotics Ventures
861Abhisekh ShahBlue Future Partners
862Abhisek ChakrabartiBASF Venture Capital
863Abhiroop JayanthiBain Capital
864Abhiram KannanAnzu Partners
865Abhinaya KonduruM25
866Abir LibenPrimary Venture Partners
867Abi MohamedBacked VC
868Abigail TischRRE Ventures
869Abigail RisseHyperplane Venture Capital
870Abhishek SharmaNexus Venture Partners
871Abhishek PrasadCSVP Fund
872Abhishek MalaniBharat Innovation Fund
873Adam Bain01 Adivsors
874Adam AuKemp AU Ventures
875Adam AspesJacobs Asset Management
876Adam AndersAnterra Capital
877Adalberto Flores OchoaKueski
878Adalyat NavrozbayevADM Capital
879Achilleas GravanisBig Pi Ventures
880Abul NuruzzamanPegasus Tech Ventures
881Adam BryantEclipse Ventures
882Adam BruceFlare Capital Partners
883Adam BridgmanIronspring Ventures
884Adam BlumencranzDistributed Ventures
885Adam BeveridgeSFC Capital
886Adam BergFinance at Bain Capital
887Adam BenayounCollider Ventures
888Adam DemuyakorWilshire Lane Capital
889Adam DelehantyVariant
890Adam DayGolden Section Ventures
891Adam DawkinsSierra Ventures
892Adam DakinDreamit Ventures
893Adam FinkelOrfin Ventures
894Adam FeleskyPortage Ventures
895Adam ElgabriBacked VC
896Adam DonocikGiza Polish Ventures
897Adam DombrovskiBread and Butter Ventures
898Ganesh BellInsight Partners
899Eugenia BejarInsight Partners
900Crissy BehrensInsight Partners
901Scott BarclayInsight Partners
902Adam YarnoldConversion Capital
903Adam WieschhausNorthpond Ventures
904Adam T. SmithCloudTree Ventures
905Adam StansellPioneer Fund
906Rich MaloySpringTime Ventures
907Michael CardamoneForum Ventures
908Brett FinkBrett Fink
909Matthew StottsCerulean Ventures
910Pankaj JainSaka Ventures
911Patricio AznarBridge Latam
912John BrazeMIR Ventures
913Carmen Palafox2045 ventures
914Fred CohenAngel to Exit
915Tyler RichardsStartup Ignition Ventures,
916Jahed MomandCerulean Ventures
917Amr AlshihabiMoving Capital
918Bob BilbruckCaptjur
919Jake Wombwell-PoveyVala Capital
920Cristian RaygozaIluminar Ventures
921J.P. KeatingproChain Ventures
922Raja GhawiEra Ventures
923Brook StroudAlumni Ventures Group
924Moritz HenschelFoundamental
925Ed PhillipsFuture Planet Capital
926Andrea White-KjossLong Beach Accelerator
927Oso TravaCracks Fund
928Brian Laung AoaehREFASHIOND Ventures
929Jeff Kleiner MDkleinerlabs
930Yorai FainmesserDisruptive AI
931Barry WinataMetagrove Ventures
932Sameer Bhallasbhalla
933Daniel DartRock Yard Ventures
934Markus BörnerPrequel Ventures
935Hammad AslamSusa Ventures
936Mathias BossePrequel Ventures
937Adele TehOpenspace Ventures
938Adele SungBGF
939Adele MoynihanAntler
940Adele EnglishMarch Capital
941Adela TomsejovaAndreessen Horowitz
942Adegoke OlubusiMAGIC Fund
943Adeel YangMAGIC Fund
944Adedayo AmzatZedcrest Capital Group
945Addison HuneycuttPlug & Play Ventures
946Addison EuhusBain Capital Credit
947Addie LernerAvid Ventures
948Ada RauchAXA Venture Partners
949Adeo RessiFounder Institute
950Adenike SheriffFuture Africa
951Adem ArifiSOL Fund
952Adelina FigueiredoPortugal Ventures
953Adi ChhabraBacked VC
954Adiari VazquezAmazon Climate Pledge Fund
955Adhrita NowrinAvant Ventures Tech
956Adham HabbasSkypoint Ventures
957Adham AbdelfattahInterplay
958Adeyemi A.TLcom Capital
959Adi Levanon ChazanFlint Capital
960Adi HemrajaniWestCap
961Adi GozesEntrée Capital
962Adi ChughSurya Capital
963Adi Dangot ZukovskyBattery Ventures
964Adi SivaramanPruVen Capital
965Adi SharabaniCyberstarts VC
966Lucas ArzolaParallel18
967Eric PaleyFounder Collective
968Katie SheaDivergent Capital
969Bedy Yang500 Global
970Adam RothenbergBoxGroup
971Albert WengerUnion Square Ventures
972Emily MeltonThreshold Ventures
973Sarah HodgesPillar VC
974Dan AltschulerUnovis Asset Management
975Brent MurriM13
976Paul StraubWireframe Ventures
977Meyer “Micky” MalkaRibbit Capital
978Jeremy LiewLightspeed Venture Partners
979Varun GuptaCaffeinated Capital
980Kamil MieczakowskiNotion Capital
981Rodolfo GonzalezFoundation Capital
982Kyle SamaniMulticoin Capital
983Nadav Eylathat.inc
984Greg MauroLearn Capital
985Shawn CarolanMenlo Ventures
986Steve AndersonBaseline Ventures
987Paul BragielNiu Ventures
988Joel YarmonPipeline Capital Partners
989Ashmeet SidanaEngineering Capital
990Eran Wagneri3 Partners
991Fady YacoubHOF Capital
992Kat OrekhovaEvening Fund
993David SternClearstone
994Bob KocherVenrock
995Jessica MahXFactor Ventures
996Brendan WallaceFifth Wall
997Tess HatchBessemer Venture Partners
998Taylor GreeneTwelve Below
999Steve SchlenkerDN Capital
1000Sam LessinSlow Ventures

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